Houston’s Buses – Conduct of Passengers

We reserve the right to refuse you entry, or require you to leave our buses at any time, should we have reason to believe that your behaviour jeopardises the safety, security and comfort of others.

When travelling with us you must in particular:
- Refrain from smoking either conventional or electronic cigarettes.
- Behave in a manner that is not abusive or threatening and does not cause offence to other customers or staff.
- Refrain from eating and drinking items which make the environment unpleasant for other customers or otherwise cause offence.
- Refrain from using aerosols.
- Refrain from consuming alcohol.
- Refrain from playing loud music or operating a personal device at a volume which may be heard by other passengers.
- Refrain from leaving rubbish or discarded items on the bus.
- Not be wearing soiled working clothes or carrying any soiled items.
- Follow the instructions of our staff and act in a manner which shows due regard for the safety and comfort of other customers and company employees, including not standing adjacent to emergency exits, the vehicle entrance, next to the driver or sitting in gangways.
- If the vehicle you are travelling on is fitted with seatbelts, you are legally required to wear it.
- Notify a member of staff immediately if you sustain an injury whilst boarding, travelling or getting off a bus.
- Except in an emergency, do not talk to the driver whilst the bus is moving, obstruct the driver’s vision or otherwise distract him/her.
- Have due regard at all times for the needs of our elderly, young and disabled customers and, in particular, vacate seats and spaces designed for the elderly and disabled when requested.
- Not distribute leaflets, papers or other articles or offer anything for sale or collect charity without our prior written consent.
- Not interfere with equipment fitted on the vehicle.
- Not deliberately damage or deface any parts of the vehicle.

Intending customers who, in the opinion of the driver or other company officer, appear likely to behave in an antisocial manner may not be allowed to travel.

If you are in breach of these and other statutory regulations you will be obliged to give your name and address to the company officer or may be restrained or removed from the bus by a company officer, a police officer or a community support officer and refused further travel without a refund. We also reserve the right to take any other measures we consider necessary to protect the safety and comfort of our customers and staff including temporarily or permanently banning you from travelling with us following an incident of misconduct.

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